What Is Sic Bo and How Does Sic Bo Work?

Sic Bo is a Chinese game that is played with three dice. It is a game of chance, albeit with unequal odds. Sic Bo is also a popular casino game in Asia but has made its way to American casinos. The game is played on a table and the dealer rolls three dice. Sic Bo is similar to the casino game Roulette.

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How Does Sic Bo Work?

Players do not need to know any specific strategies when playing Sic Bo. Each player places a bet on the Sic Bo table. The dealer rolls the dice to see if there is a match. The winning players collect their winnings. Bets that are not winners are taken off the table and a new round begins.

How Does Sic Bo Work?

How Does Sic Bo Work?

A Sic Bo table will have six different types of bets. Each type of bet will have several different betting options and odds. A Big bet is won if the three dice have a total between 11 and 17. A Small bet is claimed only if the three dice adds up from 4 to 10. The Big and Small bets are the most likely to win.

An Odd bet is won if the total of the dice is odd. An Even bet will win if the total of the three dice are even. A Triple bet relies on all three dice landing on the same number. If a Triple is rolled, the Odd, Even, Big and Small bets automatically lose.

Players can bet on two numbers, called Doubles, or a single number, Singles. If that number or numbers is rolled the player wins. The bets for Doubles and Singles most often pay 8 to 1 and 5 to 1 respectively.

Sic Bo Strategies

Sic Bo is a game where it is often difficult to predict the outcome. The game is based off dice rolls and therefore relies on statistics. In order to increase chances of winning, place bets on areas that have the lowest house edge.

Players will not win a large amount of money by betting on spaces with the lowest house edge. The casino’s winning edge will be lower if such bets are placed. Bets with the lowest house edge are Big and Small bets.

Players who want to make money in a short amount of time would do better to place their bet on Triple areas. The house edge will be higher as a result of these bets. The house edge is also dependent on the payout for certain bets.

While gambling, do not read into statistical patterns. If a certain number is rolled several times that does not mean that it will change on the next turn. Sic Bo is mostly a game of chance. Each roll is completely independent for the previous roll.

Payouts for Sic Bo bets will vary by casino. Check the casino’s payout amounts before playing a round of Sic Bo. Sic Bo payouts will be highest on Triple bets but they are the hardest to hit.

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