How Keno Works

Keno is a fun casino game that gamblers who enjoy playing the lottery will find entertaining. In fact, people sometimes call keno the “Chinese lottery.” This is because keno originated in China several centuries ago.

How Does Keno Work?

Keno has now spread throughout the world. Casino players everywhere get a kick out of playing keno. A casino keno game consists of a plastic sphere–the “bubble.” The bubble contains 80 numbered ping-pong balls.

During the course of a keno game, air is pumped into the bubble to keep the balls constantly mixing. One ball at a time is drawn out of the bubble. The number on the ball is then recorded, and then the next ball is drawn out.

This drawing process in the keno game continues until 20 out of the 80 balls have been drawn. Once all 20 balls have been drawn, players can figure out if they have won.

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How Do Keno Players Bet?

Keno Odds and Strategies

How to Play Keno

It is very simple to play keno. Before the drawing begins, players fill out a ticket that has all 80 numbers on it. Players mark off the numbers that they believe will hit. There are many different ways to mark these numbers.

Players can simply pick one number. They can pick 20 numbers. They can pick certain groups of numbers. They can pick the jackpot number, which is zero in most casinos. Most keno games limit players to picking a maximum of 20 numbers.

Players will need to experiment to find their favorite betting style in keno, but for new players, it is best to start out slowly. Pick five or six numbers per drawing and see how it goes.

The Payouts

Payouts in keno are where it gets a little complicated. The payout structure depends on how many numbers the player wagered on, and it also depends on how many numbers they got right.

The fewer numbers a player wagers on the more the more the payoff goes up when one or more of them hit. Obviously, the more numbers a player correctly selects the higher the playoff will be.

Keno games almost always have a jackpot for players that get a certain number of numbers right. This is usually something like getting 10 numbers right out of the 20 numbers picked. This may seem easy, but the odds are more than a million to one.

Keno Strategies

Many players like to watch the keno board for a while before they make a wager. They will look for patterns. If a certain number is hitting a lot, then they will bet on it.

Other players like to do the opposite. If a number hasn’t hit for a long time, they feel it is due. They will then bet on it until it finally hits.

One of the keys to increasing the odds of winning at keno is to always bet on the jackpot number, which is usually zero. It is also a good idea for players to always bet on enough numbers to hit the jackpot if they get lucky.

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