What Are Sports Picks? How Do They Work?

Sports picks are betting tips given to amateur sports bettors by professional sports handicappers. These sports picks are used by bettors to try and make money betting on sporting events. They are a bad idea for the most part, but they can be useful in certain situations.

How Do Sports Picks Work?

The vast majority of amateur sports bettors are losers. Roughly 90% of the people that bet on sports lose money over the long run. This is why bookies and sportsbooks can rake in the dough, because the majority of sports bettors hemorrhage money.

Because the average sports bettor loses money over time, they often look for help. This is where sports picks come in to play. A losing bettor will search for someone that can give them winning picks to keep from losing all the time.

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Free Sports Picks

Sports Picks and Why They Might Be a Bad Idea

Most of these sports picks come at a price. A professional handicapping service will sell picks to people who want them. The price of these picks is highly variable.

The price could be as low as $1 per pick. On the 9ther hand, it could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a pick. The price depends on how respected the pro handicapper is in the sports betting community.

Many sports handicapping services have numerous handicappers on their payroll. They will then offer all of their handicappers’ picks for a monthly fee. This fee can also vary widely.

Some handicapping services will charge $10 a month, while others will charge thousands.
Again, the price will vary with the amount of prestige the handicapping service has among the sports betting public.

Free Sports Picks

Gamblers can get free sports picks in a few ways. Most professional sports handicapping services will offer a free pick every day. They do this to publicize their business, trying to get people to pay for more sports picks.

Another way gamblers can get free sports picks is to visit sports handicapping forums on the Internet. These forums are often full of great information, and many successful sports handicappers can be found on them.

Anyone that wants to get free sports picks from a handicapping forum will have to do some digging to find out who are the most successful handicappers on the site.

The Problems with Sports Picks

There are numerous problems with sports picks. The first problem is the average professional handicapper is not that much better than the average amateur. Their picks do not guarantee a gambler will win money by any stretch of the imagination.

The next problem is that gamblers have to pay for these pro sports picks. It is hard enough to win at sports betting, but depleting a bankroll by paying for picks doesn’t make it any easier.

Also, most pro sports handicappers that sell picks practice horrible money management. They alter the size of their bets, which is a huge mistake. Those who want to make money sports betting should always bet the same low 2-3% of their bankrolls on every single pick, no matter how confident they are in it.

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