What Is Bonus Abuse? Types of Casino Bonuses

Casino owners know that the easiest way to lure new players inside is with free bonuses and perks. These bonuses give a new player the chance to make a few bets and play a few games without risking any of his or her own money. The casino gives the player a small amount of cash in the hopes of turning that person into a long-term player.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses take the form of cash except that the player cannot simply cash out the money. For example, an online casino might give a player $25 in free chips for use on the website. The player can then use that money and add more money later.

Some online casinos take a different route by giving a player one free play at a specific game. The player can make a bet or play a game without spending any real cash. The player has the option to add more money to make a higher bet.

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How Does Bonus Abuse Work?

What Is Bonus Abuse?

What Is Bonus Abuse?

Bonus abuse occurs when a player takes advantage of a casino. Those without any experience might assume that this is impossible, but players abuse the system in a variety of ways. The abuser gets free money from the casino with little work on the player’s part.

One of the most common forms of abuse occurs when a player does as little as possible to cash out. If a casino gives a bonus of $25 and requires $50 to cash out, the player will play a few basic games to increase his or her winnings and walk away with $50 or more.

For example, an online casino will have games that cost $5 or less to play. The player will find the games with the highest payouts and the lowest risk. In some cases, the person only needs to play two games to hit payout.

Online Casino Abuse

Online casinos now face a problem from players who know how to scam the system. Most online casinos allow only one bonus per email address, which results in players registering dozens of email addresses with the casinos. By cheating the system, the player can walk away with hundreds of dollars in less than 60 minutes.

If the casino institutes a policy that limits only one bonus per household, players can still get around the system. Instead of registering a true address, the player simply uses the addresses of friends and family members.

Some online casinos now check the IP address of Internet players, which helps the casinos ensure that only one address gets a bonus. Smart players can find ways around the system, including IP blockers that keep the casino from knowing where they are in the world.

Casinos without security measures in place are at risk of losing millions from scammers and abusers. Players can register dozens of accounts and open new accounts under different names, resulting in major losses for the casino owners and a lack of bonuses for real players.

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