How to Play Three Card Poker

How to Play Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is a popular casino table game. It’s a relatively new game in the casino scene. It was not until 1994 that Three Card Poker made its first appearance in a casino. It is a lot of fun for the player, and it’s easy to play.

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How Does Three Card Poker Work?

Three Card Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Players are allowed to make three different bets. One is the Ante bet that the player’s hand will beat the dealer’s hand.

Another bet is the Play bet. This is the bet players make after they see their hands. The other bet is the Pair Plus wager. This is a bet that the player will have two pair or better in their hand.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker

Depending on the casino, players may be forced to make the Ante bet in order to bet on Pair Plus. Other casinos allow players to bet on just Pair Plus. All casinos allow players to bet only on Ante if they choose to do so.

The game starts with players placing their wagers on the Ante, Pair Plus or a wager on both of them. The wager must be the table minimum.

After all the players have made their wagers, the dealer will deal out three cards at a time to each player. The deal starts with the player to the dealer’s left and continues in a clockwise manner until every player has three cards in front of them.

Once all the cards are dealt, the players must decide if they want to stay in the hand. If a player thinks he has a hand strong enough to beat the dealer, then he must make an additional wager on the Play bet. This additional wager must be equal to the Ante wager the player made before the cards were dealt.

If a player doesn’t like their hand, then he will fold and lose his Ante wager. He will also lose the Pair Plus wager if he made one.

Once all the players have decided whether to continue in the hand, the dealer will flip over his three cards. The dealer’s hand must qualify in order for play to continue. If the dealer has a queen or higher, then it is a qualifying hand and play continues.

If the dealer doesn’t have a queen or higher, then every player still in the hand is given back their Play Wager. They also are paid for their Ante wagers.

If the dealer does have a qualifying hand, then the hand is compared to all the active players. If a player’s hand beats the dealer’s, they win their Ante and Play bets.

Pair Plus Bets

Pair Plus bets are paid off if players have a pair or better. It doesn’t matter if the dealer beats the player’s hand or if the dealer has a qualifying hand.

The stronger a player’s hand is, the larger the payoff is on a Pair Plus Wager. Casinos have different payout structures, but most start at even money for a pair. The payouts then typically move up to 4-1 for a flush, 6-1 for a straight, 30-1 for three of a kind and 40-1 for a straight flush.

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