The Martingale System: Does It Work?

Once players start to get deeper into the world of gambling, they start to hear about many different kinds of betting systems. One of the simplest and most popular of these betting systems is the Martingale System. It is an easy-to-use system that many players enjoy.

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How Does the Martingale System Work?

The first thing to know about the Martingale System is that it is used with bets with even odds payouts. In other words, the Martingale is used by gamblers who are playing a game that pays out $1 for every $1 wagered.

If a player is winning every one of their bets, then the Martingale System never comes into play. In reality though, no one can win every one of their bets. The Martingale System starts with a gambler’s first loss.

Once a player has their first loss of a 50/50 bet, then the Martingale comes into effect. The basic premise of the system is that a player will double his bet every time he loses.

The Martingale System Works about as Well as Voodoo

The Martingale System Works about as Well as Voodoo

For example, let’s say a player is making $25 bets on black at the roulette table. The first spin of the wheel is red, so the player loses the $25 bet. The player then bets $50 on black again.

Then the wheel hits red again, so the player loses $50. The player then doubles the bet again to $100. This third spin of the wheel finally lands on a black number, so the player wins $100.

In this example the player lost $25 on the first spin and $50 on the second spin. The third spin was good for a win of $100. The player lost $75 and won $100, so they are up $25 overall.

Once a player recoups their losses in the Martingale System, they drop back down to the original bet size. If the player loses, then the doubling up begins again until the player wins. Once the player wins, he drops back down to the original bet size. This pattern repeats itself over and over again.

Problems with the Martingale System

Looking at the Martingale System for the first time, many bettors feel like they have just discovered the key to the universe. They feel like they can use this system and never go broke. This doesn’t work in the real world.

The main problem is that losing streaks in any form of gambling are inevitable. This causes two problems for players of the Martingale System. The first problem is that most players have a limited bankroll.

If a player keeps doubling up their bets with this system, the bets can quickly spiral out of control. Say a player is making $5 bets. If the player loses 8 times in a row, the ninth bet will be a massive $1280 to make just a profit of $5.

The other problem is that casinos take measures to keep players from using the Martingale system. Most tables limit players to a maximum of 100 times the minimum bet. Once a player loses seven times in a row, this table limit will prevent player’s from betting enough money to continue.

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