What Are Betting Systems?

Gamblers are always looking for that little edge that will give them an advantage when they place a bet. Maybe it’s a hot tip on a horse. Maybe it is getting better odds than the risk should justify. Veteran gamblers often place their wagers based on betting systems.

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How Does a Betting System Work?

A betting system works by setting rules, defining parameters and helping users of the system win more often. Some systems are quite detailed and elaborate. Other systems are little more than common sense. Measuring results over time is the only way to evaluate the effectiveness of a betting system.

Some simple ways that people use to pick winners are fun, but they do not hold up over time. Bettors who bet on horses based on their names or the color of the jockey’s silks, have no advantage. They may get lucky and win. Such a system hardly gives you confidence to place a big bet.

Most Betting Systems Work about as Well as Voodoo

Most Betting Systems Work about as Well as Voodoo

Your goal should be to increase your odds of winning. If you can eliminate some of the possibilities, your odds of winning will go up. A Greyhound Dog Race usually has eight runners. Picking randomly, your chance of winning is one in eight, or 12.5 percent. If you can eliminate three dogs you can increase your odds to one in five or 20 percent.

A Game of Numbers

Betting and odds go hand-in-hand. There is no such thing as a sure thing. People who claim they have a sure way to win are not telling the truth. There has never been a legal betting system that guaranteed the outcome of a sporting event or the roll of the dice.

A good betting system should take into account both the chance of winning and the amount that can be won. Everybody knows that a 2:1 favorite has a better chance of winning than a 50:1 long shot.

Some people will still bet on the long shot. It is possible to get lucky and win. Luck always plays some part in a bet. A good betting system does not consider luck. Instead, a good betting system will come up with selections that are better than what the odds indicate.

Individual systems may come up with proprietary odds. By checking them against the posted odds, you can identify a good wagering opportunity. As an example, if the pari-mutuel odds show a horse is listed at 12:1 and your betting system shows that the appropriate odds should be 3:1, that is an excellent time to pick the long shot.

Lotteries, Sports and Casinos

Your choices to gamble are numerous. You can make wagers on sports, buy lottery tickets or try your luck in a casino. Wager types increase the need for a good system. As an example, in blackjack, you can double down, split or surrender on any hand. A blackjack betting system will tell you which strategy is optimal.

It does not matter what type of game, contest or event you prefer. When you gamble, you should seek every legitimate advantage you can get. Taking advantage of a betting system can give you an advantage and help make you a winner.

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