How to Play Casino War

What Is Casino War?

Casino war is based on the common children’s card game called war. Since the original game is designed for and played by children, casino war is easy to understand.

Casino war is played with a combination of 6 standard card decks. The ace is the high card, and all other cards are ranked in the normal fashion of a poker game.

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How Does Casino War Work?

In the game, a player and a dealer are both dealt a card. When the player’s card is of a higher rank, he or she wins twice his or her wager. When the dealer’s card is of a higher rank, the player loses his or her bet.

The player and the dealer can tie when each are dealt a card of the same rank, such as an ace and an ace. When a player is faced with this option, he or she may take one of two choices. In the first option, the player surrenders his or her card and loses the bet. In the second option, both players “go to war” in the same way players would in the card game war.

How to Go to War

How to Play Casino War

How to Play Casino War

To “go to war,” the player and the dealer place a wager equal to the first, and they lay three cards face down. After laying those cards down, they lay down a new card face up. If the player’s card is of equal or higher rank than the dealer’s, he or she wins the original wager and the additional bets. If the dealer’s card is of higher rank than the player’s, he or she wins both of the player’s bets.

Since the player wins with an equal card after “going to war,” the player has a higher chance of winning than the dealer. This chance is only slightly over fifty percent, but it is more advantageous than in most games involving a dealer. Players, of course, lose the chance of winning when surrendering.

Casino war also includes a bonus bet when a tie is involved. When a player bets on a tie and matches the dealer’s card, he or she wins 10 to 1 of the original wager due to the tie bet.

A house advantage is also available in casino war. Both the player and the dealer have less than a fifty percent chance of winning on the first card, making the game even. During a tie, the house advantage comes into play. As the number of decks in play increases, the house advantage increases.

Casino War Strategy

In almost every strategy created for casino war, players are encouraged to choose the option to go to war. This move increases the chance of winning by 7 percent, increasing the overall chance of winning to over fifty percent. Players have to take a chance on losing both wages, but the payout is worth the risk. The game is entirely based on chance, just as the original game war. The game is called casino war; players should enjoy the risk of battle.

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