What Is Advantage Gambling?

While most people see gambling as a game of chance, more experienced players realize that there’s a large amount of skill involved. Advantage gambling, which is a method of legally increasing the odds in your favor, is predominately used when playing against the house. The particulars of advantage gambling depends on the type of game, and although casinos have taken steps to spot and discourage advantage players who use these techniques, the practice is well within the limits of the law.

The scope of advantage gambling can range from blackjack to sports to online poker, and some techniques are more successful than others, but it’s nothing new. As early as the 1960’s, casino players were using mathematical formulas, that we now know as game theory, to increase the odds in their favor. What began as simple card counting has developed in to an in depth study of statistics and probability.

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How Does Card Counting Work?

What Is Advantage Gambling?

What Is Advantage Gambling?

This is one of the most well known, but least understood, methods of advantage gambling. Card counters actually determine whether the deck contains more high or low cards at any given time, and more specifically, they’re looking for the appearance of the five card. The five card has a higher probability of bringing your score close to 21 without busting. Knowing how many high cards are left lets you determine which player is more likely to bust.

Contrary to portrayals in the movies, card counting does not involve memorizing a deck of cards. Advantage players assign a value to each card in play that is either positive, negative or zero. As each card appears, the value of that card is adjusted, for example, if a high card appears, the number goes down, which means the number of high cards left is lower.

Using Advantage Gambling On Sports

Becoming an advantage player in sports betting begins with the obvious, learning as much as you can about a particular sport. Knowing basic facts like the players’ physical condition, the differences between home and away performance, and a team’s strengths and weaknesses will help you make informed decisions. You are basically doing the job of a sport’s handicapper, which is also an option. But, keep in mind, unless you plan to bet consistently, hiring a sport’s handicapper doesn’t offer much of an advantage.

Arbitrage is another method of sports gambling that may seem counterintuitive, but can be manipulated to your advantage. It involves betting on both parties, but finding different moneylines. Betting fifty dollars on each party means that you will definitely lose on one moneyline, but depending on the odds, the net amount of your win could be substantial.

The Future Of Advantage Gambling

Software instruction and probability computer programs are the latest developments in advantage gambling. You can also find up-to-date statistics giving you the house edge percentage on just about every casino game there is. With advances like these, your chances of winning are steadily increasing, as long as you apply what you learn and play by the rules.

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