How Does the Mid Life Crisis Slots Game Work?

Mid-Life Crisis is a 5-reel, 9 paylines slot machine from RealTime Gaming. One prominent website suggests the game is about “luxury”, but as we’ll see in the section on reel icons, luxury is one small part of story. Midlife Crisis Slots offers a bonus round and progressive jackpot, so the game offers all the usual enticements from RTG. Real money gamblers should have plenty of exciting moments to keep their attention, while players for fun should enjoy the creepy storyline.

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RealTime Gaming

RTG began as an American company. The headquarters were located in Atlanta, Georgia up until early 2007, when the owners sold the company to Hastings Limited out of the Netherlands Antilles. The reason for this transaction was obvious: the passage of the UIGEA anti-gambling law by the U.S. federal government a few months earlier. After being sold to a foreign corporation, RealTime Gaming moved to Heredia, Costa Rice, just six miles out of that country’s capital. Since then, RTG is the #1 supplier of software to US-friendly online casinos. At any given time, about 65 of the 75 RTG clients accept American real money players at their casinos. Movement out of the United States helped the business, as the company has filled a big part of void left by the departure of companies like Microgaming, Playtech, and IGT from the American online casino industry.

Reel Symbols and Theme

Mid Life Crisis Slots Screenshot

Mid-Life Crisis Slots is one of my favorite games from RTG. It’s not hard to assume the theme of the game is lurid. The protagonist is a middle aged man who is balding with a toupee. Recurring characters are three lovely young women half his age: a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. Other icons include a diamond ring and other jewelry, a sports car, a motorcycle, someone parachuting, a wad of cash, and a bottle of pills. It’s obvious what’s going on here, especially if you’re on the wrong side of 40 and you’ve gone through your own middle of life reassessment.

The main character is struggling with his own mortality. He’s spent the last twenty years getting rich, but he wants to recapture his youth. Thus he seeks thrills by buying sports cars and doing crazy thing like sky diving. Nothing’s more of an affirmation of life than having attention paid from younger women, so he’s using his money and power to attract younger women with money and jewelry. Those pills are obviously Viagra pills, or something much like them. What a theme for a fruit machine.

Gold Chain Bonus Mode

The game offers two bonus rounds. The lesser mode is triggered by the gold chain and the man with the toupee. An immediate award of a random number of coins are given to you. The man with the hairpiece might simply give the player a wink or he might say, “Watch out, I’m young again.” That’s when you know you’ve won a little bit more money.

Hot Women Bonus Game

When the blonde, brunette, and redhead all appear on the screen at the same time, this activates the bigger bonus game. This presents you with a series of options. One is to choose symbols involving the young ladies. As you make your decisions, the bonus coins add up. The second option is to take a drink from “Krazy Al’s Miracle Youth Tonic”. This is the quicker, more direct way to make bonus money. A random amount of bonus coins are added to your running total.

Coin Denominations

The coin denominations range between $0.25 and $1.25. With 5 reels and 9 paylines, the max coins are 45. Thus the max bet is $56.25, while the minimum wager is a quarter. Now matter what coin level you choose, always bet on the maximum paylines, or else you won’t qualify for the progressive jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot sometimes exceeds a million dollars, making this game attractive to those seeking that one life-altering win. The progressive jackpot is going to be the main reason most players play Mid-Life Crisis Slots. It’s also a reason the game isn’t quite as popular as many other RTG progressives. If you play the minimum coin amount with the max wager, you’ll end up spending $11.25 per spin to activate the progressive bet. Have the least bit of bad luck and most low stakes run through their bankroll quickly, while the medium roller starts to feel the crunch soon enough. That’s the only reason I can see the game would be ranked 76 out of 153 RealTime Gaming slots, because it has a lot of charm otherwise. By the way, Midlife Crisis appears in 33 online casinos, which is how that rank came about.

Graphics and Sound Quality

Speaking of charm, the soundtrack is like some kind of 70’s skin flick–not that I’d know about such things. This is in keeping with the sleazy theme of the game and adds to the humor. The graphics are middle of the road, though the three young women are quite attractive and well rendered. Everything from a thematic perspective works well together. The sound and graphics work quite well to enhance the game’s atmosphere.

Mid-Life Crisis Review

Like most slot machines from RealTime Gaming, this title’s reliance on a progressive jackpot is a double-edged sword. If you enjoy playing for the biggest jackpots, then you’ll like the game. If you prefer the better chance of hitting a fixed jackpot, then you aren’t going to like the game as much. Play this game knowing your chances of winning the accumulated prize isn’t great. Play for the fun of gaming. If you approach this fruit machine in that fashion, you should have a lot of fun with it.

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