What Is the Difference Between Las Vegas and Reno Slot Machines?

QUESTION: What is the difference between Las Vegas and Reno slot machines?

ANSWER: They may be in the same state, but Reno and Vegas have quite a few differences in terms of entertainment and flash. Vegas is overflowing with casinos with high-value productions — it’s the entertainment capital of the world. Reno casinos are smaller and older with more of a local flare. Reno is much colder in the winter, but its slots are hotter than any others in country year-round.

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Reno Slot MachinesFor the most part, the only thing these two cities have in common is that they both have an abundance of slot machines — although Vegas has quite a leg up on the “Biggest Little City” with almost 200,000 slots among its many casinos. Slots cover about two-thirds of any casino floor, and with little-to-no knowledge of gambling required they’re incredibly popular.

Reno also has tens of thousands of slots to choose from. While the casino games see a lot of action, none of them attract as much attention as the one-armed bandits.

Las Vegas SlotsWhen it comes to Reno slots, you won’t have to look far to find the type of game that you want to play. From penny slots to high roller slots, there is something for every slot player. If you are interested in chasing the biggest jackpots, keep the following mind:

1. Compare several slot machines.

Don’t blow all your money waiting for one machine to pay up. Try out different machines to compare the odds. There are hundreds, even thousands, of slots to choose from at any Reno casino. These can vary from the tradition reel slots to newer video slots. Also, don’t let the myths fool you; looser machines aren’t located in any specific area, and machines don’t get “hotter” the longer it’s been since a big payout.

2. Find machines within your budget that also offer the biggest payouts.

Slot Machine Payout PercentagesSearch for games that are connected to a progressive network. These are slots that are linked together with each coin played adding to the jackpot. These networks can be as small as a few machines linked together within a casino or as big as multiple machines connected across a number of casinos. Every time a credit is wagered, the jackpot grows. The only catch? You need to wager the highest amount of credits allowed for a chance at the big bucks. Even if the payback percentage is less, you have a chance at winning a life-changing jackpot. Read more about progressive networks here.

3. Stay at a hotel with a casino known for its slots.

Keep in mind, location is key, so where you play the slots makes a difference. Machines located on the Vegas Strip are well-known by locals for their less-than-generous payouts in comparison with other slots off the strip or downtown. Casinos at the more local-frequented hotels are also typically known for better payouts than luxury hotels with the lowest reported payouts, the worst of which are usually Bellagio, Venetian, Mandalay Bay and new Wynn Las Vegas. This could also account for the reason Reno has been named as the town with the loosest slots. Because it is away from the big flash of the Vegas Strip, it’s able to offer higher payouts.

Reno has fewer casinos than Vegas, but that may make your decision easier. Harrah’s Casino has one of the best selections with about 1,000 slot machines. This location is also typically one of the first in the area to introduce new games to the public.

The Loosest Slots

Reno is rated almost yearly as the city with the loosest slots. For the sixth year in a row, the city has earned its spot at the top of this list with a payback percentage of 95.13 percent.

These numbers are based on publicly reported info and are an average of what the casino pays out to its slot gamblers. Basically, if you’re wagering one dollar each spin in Reno, on average, you’ll probably lose a little less than five cents of that dollar.

With a wide variety of machines to offer, gamblers Vegas and Reno can play denominations anywhere from $.01 to $100. Video poker allows players to play anywhere from one to 100 hands at a time.

Both cities are also offering the newly popular multi-line slots where players can have up to 100 paylines per slot. For an increased price, this gives gamblers multiple chances to win on each spin. Reel slots typically offer about three to five paylines, whereas video slots can give players anywhere from 9, 15, 25 and up to 100 chances to hit the jackpot. Typically, players will wager one to five credits for a chance to win or reach the game’s bonus round. Obviously, the higher the bet, the more the payout will be. In Vegas, most of these high-wager games are sectioned off from the rest of casino and reserved for high rollers.

Other than the number of chances to win, payout calculations differ between traditional and video slots. Reel slots require the maximum bet to win the jackpot, so being conservative isn’t an option if you want to win big. Video slot payouts, on the other hand, are calculated by multiplying the number of credits per line that being wagered. Rather than playing the most credits, video slot players would be better off playing the most lines to increase their chance of winning.

Although some of these machines require higher bets or even maximum bets, they also have a higher payout. The typical payout percentage in Nevada as a whole is about 93% for nickels, 93 % for quarters, 95 % for dollars and 97% for five dollars or more. The more you bet, the better chance you have of not only keeping your money but winning big, as well.

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