What Is an Online Casino Blacklist? How Do Casino Blacklists Work?

As with almost any industry that exists online, there are a few companies that end up being bad apples. Unfortunately, online casinos are no exception.

With thousands of online casinos and sports betting websites available for your gambling pleasure, there are endless options for you to win a fortune, but you could end up losing just as much to a rogue website.

There are a number of different ways casinos can end up on blacklisted pages, and along with this, there are a few different levels they can fall under on these pages. Depending on how dirty the online casino watchdogs deem their site, these casinos can be considered rogue, blacklisted, or they can fall under another name

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How does a casino land on a blacklist?

The main reason online casinos end up on these blacklists or find their names being dragged through the mud on discussion boards is that they have either stopped paying players and/or their affiliates or they don’t honor the bonuses they advertise. Some casinos also use software to make the outcome of games played not as random as they should be or not as advertised. Others have been known to claim winnings or close down accounts even when terms and conditions, as well as wagering stipulations are fulfilled. Some even just fail to pay winnings to players within the given amount of time, and in some cases, they don’t pay at all.

We all know the house always ends up on top, so it’s unfortunate that these online casinos are using unfair tactics to increase their profit margins. The most common reason for an online casino to end up on a blacklist is delayed payment, as mentioned above. There are dozens of excuses the site could use to delay payment, including questions regarding the validity of payment information. Although there are sometimes valid excuses to delay payment, when it is constantly occurring, the casino will most likely end up on a blacklist. Withholding pay out completely is a more serious infraction and will land the casino on a blacklist or list of rogue casinos almost immediately.

Oddly enough, these casinos have even found the ability to block or delay players from withdrawing their winnings despite the fact that the terms and conditions permit it.

A slightly less problematic reason, albeit more common, is a casino’s lack of support or poor support. Because good casino support is so important, when it doesn’t exist, it’s often very detrimental to the players. Again, when this happens repeatedly, it becomes more than enough reason to include a casino on a blacklist. Support isn’t just answering players’ phone calls and emails; it involves doing this in a timely manner and having the knowledgeable staff to do it properly.

Along with lack of support, technical problems can become an issue that can lead to reporting a casino. These issues can include anything from continually crashing software that prevents gaming correctly, lost connections that can also prevent play, unreasonably long lag time when switching between different sections of the online casino or from one game to another.

Transparency of information on the casino’s website can also be an issue. According to faironlinegambling.com, “More often than not, payout issues occur because of the fine print or terms and conditions related to online casino bonuses. If the terms are not clearly stipulated, easily accessible fair, the site should be avoided.”

A few problems recognized less often can include malware on the casino’s website, crooked ad programs, failure to deliver certain promotions and licensing in unrecognized jurisdictions.

Rules and Restrictions

Because online gambling in the U.S. falls in a sort of grey area, it is your responsibility to determine whether or not it is legal where you live. This is why many online casinos are located in other countries. In fact, there are more than 70 different countries where online casinos can be found, and it’s important that you understand the rules and restrictions that govern them and how strictly they adhere to them.

Some countries that allow online casinos to operate make sure that these websites adhere to strict regulations to ensure that they operate fairly and are a legitimate operation. These rules are in place to ensure that the casino holds to its obligation to pay winners (and in a timely manner) and that they publish the odds they program into each game. In particular, Australian and Finnish casinos are known to operate in a more by-the-book manner, so this is something to keep in mind when deciding which casinos to play in. The countries that are not as strict in enforcing regulations are typically more interested in taxing these casinos than making sure they are legitimate, so it’s definitely worthwhile to do your research.

Trusted online casinos

There are plenty of websites and blogs dedicated to keeping tabs on any online casino that dares to cheat its players. Many of them act as watchdogs for online forums where players discuss what has happened to them at an online casino if they have been cheated out of winnings or had any of the problems we discussed above. Unfortunately, some of these so-called watchdog websites can be just as untrustworthy as the sites they’re listing.

There are endless numbers of websites that claim to have the most all-encompassing lists of online casinos they’ve deemed untrustworthy, but some are full of complaints that are simply just not supported. It’s safe to assume that if someone sounds like they are just finding a reason to complain simply because they lost, that’s probably what’s happening. Some other websites are just biased to certain online casinos.

To make things a bit easier, here are a few trusted blacklist websites listed by guidetoonlinecasinogambling.com. Most of these actually include the reasons the website has been blacklisted. Please don’t simply rely on these websites. It’s important for you to do your own research, as well.

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