What is Roulette Bot Plus? Does Roulette Bot Plus Really Work?

Roulette Bot Plus advertises itself as the first fully automated software that acts on your behalf during online Roulette games. The software uses Algo-Analysis Technology™ to analyze your game and automatically bet for you.

The software allows you to choose from two different settings: The default setting has a number of preset playing patters, including 1 to 18, 19 to 36; even or odd; red or black; first, second, and third row; first, second and third twelve. Along with this, the software also calculates the amount you wager and the timing of your bet. This setting takes a couple of clicks, and that’s basically it. The second setting is a manual one, allowing the player more control over bets, wagers and gaming strategies.

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• Roulette Bot Plus is free; however, the nine creators of the software encourage winners to donate money when the software proves useful to them.
• The software only works with compatible casinos. You would need to download the software to see the full list. The creators maintain that these casinos are legitimate and not blacklisted casinos. The website states, “Only casinos with valid licenses and secure encryption are listed.” These casinos are also most likely affiliates of the program and are funneling money into it along with donations
• Roulette Bot Plus is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP2 and later). Unfortunately, the software is not currently supported on Mac operating systems or Linux.
• It is noted on the Roulette Bot Plus website that bots are legal, which is true. Unfortunately, if you are found violating the online casino’s terms and conditions, you may be removed.
• The software allows players to test strategies in the Funplay-Mode at the casinos without risking any money.


There are numerous claims the software’s website publishes regarding winners, how much they’ve won and how much money has been donated to the company.

• At the time of publishing, the company’s website boasted $205,959.21 in donations. Considering there are nine developers, and the operation has been accepting donations since May 2009, this is a pretty meager sum. One can only assume there are investors backing the software, as well.
• The site publishes player names as its biggest winners each month. For the month of October, five players have won between $49,000 and $75,000 for a grand total of $323,488.
• Roulette Bot Plus also asserts that, since its inception, winners have claimed a grand total of about $9,400,000.
• In addition, the site claims that the software has been downloaded about 4,800,000 times. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to determine an average winning based simply on the number of downloads. Taking into account player frequency, as well as people who have downloaded the software more than once, would likely skew the number quite a bit.
• Inspired by the band Radiohead, the developers made the software free with the option to donate. According to their numbers, more than 81% of users donate regularly. The motivation came from the fact that Radiohead asked listeners to only donate if they liked the album, “In Rainbows.” This led the developers to only ask that people donate when they feel the software has benefitted them.
• What the player would like to budget is completely up to them, but the website does state that betting higher can swing the odds in your favor. “Our tests show that the higher the budget invested, the safer Roulette Bot Plus software works. * These tests have been carried out by us and are uncorroborated by any third party”

It’s difficult to determine where these numbers and claims come from and whether or not they’re legitimate. It’s not unimaginable that people have won using the bot, but claims like these always seem a little suspect, especially considering how difficult it is to win at roulette, as it is a negative game.

Is Roulette Bot Plus a scam?

There are a number of different forums where people have made claims against Roulette Bot Plus. It’s hard to say whether or not these people are just angry that they didn’t become instant winners, but there are a few legitimate complaints.

Complaints range from people complaining the program didn’t work properly and subsequently receiving a response from the developers stating they didn’t budget enough money for it to work properly. Could this be the reason for the stipulation on the software website about how it works best when there is more money budgeted? That’s for you to decide, but it sounds like the company is trying to make money for affiliated casinos.

Insider’s Edge noted a couple of telling discrepancies on the software website’s terms, conditions and accuracy. Statements on the website are as follows:

“Roulette Bot Plus further does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within these materials.”

Considering these statements, along with the fact that little is known about the company and where the proof of their claims comes from, it’s easy to be a little weary of the operation. As Insider’s Edge reminded us, there is also not much known about the affiliates and no contact information other than an email address and live chat. It’s also relatively easy to stage video testimonials and forge Paypal donations, so those may not be completely reliable either.

It would be a little unfair to call the software a complete scam, because it is free. Typically, with any scam, you’re paying money for it and not getting what’s promised in return. All this aside, if you’re upping your budget as per the software website’s suggestion, you are, in fact, losing money.

The only worthwhile advice we can give is to be careful of these bots and, more importantly, how much you’re wagering and how much control you relinquish to them. Also, ask yourself if letting a bot play for you is really that much fun, because it probably isn’t.

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