Dec 10

How to Play 3 Card Poker and Win – Can You Beat Three Card Poker?

There are plenty of different variations of poker, so players have the opportunity to choose which ones play to their strengths. One of the more recent adaptations of the game is three card poker. The game is played more quickly than traditional poker, the rules are simple and the payouts are potentially pretty big. If that doesn’t sell the game, I don’t know what will. Although it goes by a similar name, three card poker differs from its namesake in many ways. In fact, one of the few things Read more [...]
Dec 06

What Are the Rules for Caribbean Poker?

Although it may go by a similar name, Caribbean poker is quite a bit different than traditional poker games. As its name suggests, the game originated in the Caribbean, but it’s now widely played at casinos everywhere. Rather than playing against a table of players, each player rounds a blackjack-sized table and plays against the bank. This, along with the rest of the straightforward rules, negate the need for “bluffing” and trying to notice other players’ “tells.” This makes the game Read more [...]
Dec 06

How to Play Keno and Win – Can You Beat Keno?

A favorite among more relaxed gamblers is keno. The lottery game is easy to play between card games or slots, and, depending on pay tables, it can be lucrative. If you’re on more of a tight budget, playing keno in the casino can afford you the opportunity to bet low, play slowly and get some free drinks while you do it! This doesn’t mean the game can’t be played seriously. There are plenty of people who have developed strategies, found their “lucky” numbers and devote much of their time Read more [...]
Dec 05

What Is the Best Casino War Strategy? What Is the House Edge?

One of the easiest casino games, not to mention nostalgic is casino war. I remember being young when the weather was too crummy to go outside, and I’d end up sitting inside with my friends playing the simple game of war. Casino war can also be known as Royal Rumble or Battle Royale. If you ever get a chance to hit up the casino war table at a casino, the game will probably be instantly familiar to you. Because the rules are extremely simple, it can be a fun game to play, but it can become monotonous Read more [...]
Nov 22

How Much Should I Tip in Las Vegas?

Typically, we think of tipping as simple gesture of appreciation for someone’s service. Depending on your level of social guilt, that could be anywhere from 10–15%. In Vegas, tipping gets quite a bit more convoluted than a simple percentage. When you’re dealing with casinos in hotels, what you’re getting comped and possibly copious amounts of alcohol, things get a little fuzzy. Tipping is a personal decision and should always be based on the bill, service, requests and interaction you Read more [...]