Nov 21

What Casino Games Should I Learn to Play Before My First Trip to Las Vegas?

If you’re a little weary of gambling in Vegas, there are still plenty of options to have fun without gambling at all. But why would you do that? Of course there are numerous shows to choose from, great places to eat, and you could always hole up in your swanky hotel room. But there would still be that lingering feeling of “What if I had played blackjack or roulette and won a boatload of money?” There are far too many games requiring little to no skill that allow you to be social, get free Read more [...]
Nov 13

What Is the Difference between Blackjack and Spanish 21?

Spanish 21 is one of the most popular variations of blackjack in the world and is played widely in casinos. While the differences can make the game a bit more complicated, they also influence the odds of winning. To a normal person, Spanish 21 and blackjack may seem like the same game with different names. However, there are a number of different advantages and disadvantages each game offers through different sets of rules. Spanish 21 Spanish 21 is played on the same traditional table as Read more [...]
Oct 09

What Is the Difference Between Las Vegas and Reno Slot Machines?

QUESTION: What is the difference between Las Vegas and Reno slot machines? ANSWER: They may be in the same state, but Reno and Vegas have quite a few differences in terms of entertainment and flash. Vegas is overflowing with casinos with high-value productions — it’s the entertainment capital of the world. Reno casinos are smaller and older with more of a local flare. Reno is much colder in the winter, but its slots are hotter than any others in country year-round. For the most part, Read more [...]
Oct 04

What is the Difference in Gambling at Indian Reservations and Regular Casinos?

QUESTION: What is the Difference in Gambling at Indian Reservations and Regular Casinos? ANSWER: In the world of brick-and-mortar gambling, there are traditional casinos and then there are Indian reservation casinos (or Indian Casinos). At first glance, the two might not seem much different, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a whole host of distinctions. Knowing the difference in gambling at Indian reservations casinos and regular casinos might not make much difference to Read more [...]
Oct 03

What Is Your Favorite Slot Game?

QUESTION: What Is Your Favorite Slot Game? ANSWER: I’m happy to stand around for a few minutes and rattle off a list of the slots that I play most frequently. By the time I’ve finished, I’m confident that the individual is armed with a whole new selection of games to experiment with. In recent months, however, I’ve grown tired of people accosting me on the street with questions about my favorite slots. Some folks want to argue with me about my selections, while others are just plain Read more [...]