Oct 01

Is Gambling a Normal Part of a Mid-Life Crisis?

QUESTION: Is Gambling a Normal Part of a Mid-Life Crisis? ANSWER: The term “mid-life crisis” refers to a time in a person’s life—usually from 40 to 60--when they start to dwell on their mortality and become dissatisfied with their past achievements. This can lead to substantial alterations in one's day-to-day existence, including changing careers, ending their marriage, or even getting plastic surgery to look younger. But not all actions taken by middle-aged individuals are as radical Read more [...]
Sep 27

What Is Double Action Roulette from IGT? How Does Double Action Roulette Work?

QUESTION: What Is Double Action Roulette from IGT? How Does Double Action Roulette Work? Answer: IGT’s Double Action Roulette looks like any other roulette game. Upon closer examination, however, you’ll notice both an outer ring and an inner ring (with the numbers set in opposing order). When the ball comes to rest after a spin, it indicates a winning number on both rings. In addition to the differences on the wheel, astute players should also notice the Double Action table layouts. This Read more [...]
Sep 27

Self Discipline Tips and Suggestions for Gamblers

By following these self-discipline tips and suggestions for gamblers, you’ll be able to wring every ounce of enjoyment out of a gaming session. This includes the ability to better manage your money and a newfound appreciation of the gambling experience. Even if you lose in a material sense, you’ll still come out a winner on a deeper level. Unfortunately, players don’t have a lot of say over the outcomes of their chosen game once the cards are dealt or the reels begin to spin. The art of Read more [...]
May 28

The Great Industrial Myth About Modern Slot Machines

Modern slot machines have been mythologized by hundreds of Websites that purport explain how they work. "Every machine has a Random Number Generator", you are told. The RNG chip -- as it's called -- is constantly producing new random numbers that are used to determine how "spins" are resolved, or discarded. While this may be true what all these slot machine experts don't know or won't tell you is that there is no such thing as a truly random number generator. Mathematicians have been chasing Read more [...]
Apr 24

How Does the Mid Life Crisis Slots Game Work?

Mid-Life Crisis is a 5-reel, 9 paylines slot machine from RealTime Gaming. One prominent website suggests the game is about "luxury", but as we'll see in the section on reel icons, luxury is one small part of story. Midlife Crisis Slots offers a bonus round and progressive jackpot, so the game offers all the usual enticements from RTG. Real money gamblers should have plenty of exciting moments to keep their attention, while players for fun should enjoy the creepy storyline. RealTime Gaming RTG Read more [...]