Jul 28

How Card Counting Works

What Is Card Counting? Card counting is the most important skill a player can master if they want to gain an edge over the casino. It is a method of increasing the odds of winning at blackjack. This is one of the only ways that a player can actually gain an advantage over the casino, so anyone that can do it should ruthlessly apply it towards the casino. Origins of Card Counting Card counting began in the 1960s, when Edward O. Thorpe released the book, “Beat the Dealer.” Thorpe ran numerous Read more [...]
Jul 27

The Differences Between Class II and Class III Slot Machines

Slot machines burst onto the American gambling scene in the 1930’s and have captivated risk-takers with their bright lights, shiny reels and a chance of striking it rich with their jackpots. Fast-forward to the 1980’s, and slot machines were deemed to be more profitable than table games like black jack or craps. For the most part the same remains true today. From Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City casinos to racetracks, barges and riverboats along the Mississippi River, slot machines are still Read more [...]
Jul 27

How Do Progressive Jackpots Work?

What Is a Progressive Jackpot? Progressive jackpots are pay-outs on gambling machines, like slot machines or video poker machines, found in casinos. The machines are marked as progressive jackpot machines, so a player knows it's a progressive machine before they sit down to play. The total of the jackpot winnings increase by small increments each time the machine is played. These increase limits are set by the casino. Often, a group of machines are linked, so the total increases quicker with Read more [...]
Jul 27

How to Play Deuces Wild

What Is Deuces Wild? Deuces Wild is one of the most popular versions of video poker. It has one of the highest chances of winning of any of the forms of video poker. In fact, some video poker machines actually give the player a slight edge if he plays the game using perfect strategy. This means that every casino gambler should take the time to familiarize himself with the game. How Does Deuces Wild Work? The game starts like any other video poker game with players inserting money into the machine. Read more [...]
Jul 27

How to Play Casino War

What Is Casino War? Casino war is based on the common children's card game called war. Since the original game is designed for and played by children, casino war is easy to understand. Casino war is played with a combination of 6 standard card decks. The ace is the high card, and all other cards are ranked in the normal fashion of a poker game. How Does Casino War Work? In the game, a player and a dealer are both dealt a card. When the player's card is of a higher rank, he or she wins twice Read more [...]