Nov 15

What Is the Difference between a Lottery and a Sweepstakes?

There are so many times in our daily life that we are presented with chances to enter lotteries or contests of one type or another for a chance to win a bountiful grand prize. Think about every time you go to the grocery store or stop at a gas station. Usually, the first thing you see at the checkout counter is the abundance of lotteries, all taunting you with the chance of becoming a multi-millionaire. Even when you open the junk folder in your email, you’ll probably be welcomed with about a dozen Read more [...]
Jul 26

How Does Probability Work?

The area of mathematics dealing with the chance of certain outcomes is known as probability theory. Probability is the likelihood of a given event occurring. With gambling, probability is simply the possible ways of winning divided by the total possible outcomes. How Does Probability Work? To understand probability, a simple example can be used. Consider a coin where one side is heads and the other side is tails. If the coin is flipped, then the two possible outcomes are that the coin will land Read more [...]
Jul 26

What Is Money Management?

Many bettors refer to money management as the most important thing that separates the winners from the losers. A winning bettor can still go broke if they cannot practice effective money management. Money management is just what it sounds like. It is the way a bettor manages the money available in his bankroll. Proper money management will help gamblers ride out the inevitable bad streaks. These bad streaks, as well as winning streaks, are known as variance. Variance is basically the short-term Read more [...]
Jul 25

What Are Betting Systems?

Gamblers are always looking for that little edge that will give them an advantage when they place a bet. Maybe it's a hot tip on a horse. Maybe it is getting better odds than the risk should justify. Veteran gamblers often place their wagers based on betting systems. How Does a Betting System Work? A betting system works by setting rules, defining parameters and helping users of the system win more often. Some systems are quite detailed and elaborate. Other systems are little more than common Read more [...]
Jul 24

How Keno Works

Keno is a fun casino game that gamblers who enjoy playing the lottery will find entertaining. In fact, people sometimes call keno the “Chinese lottery.” This is because keno originated in China several centuries ago. How Does Keno Work? Keno has now spread throughout the world. Casino players everywhere get a kick out of playing keno. A casino keno game consists of a plastic sphere--the “bubble.” The bubble contains 80 numbered ping-pong balls. During the course of a keno game, air is Read more [...]