Nov 22

How Do You Play Keno Online?

Although online keno has only been in existence since 2002, the game itself has been played for more than 150 years! The Chinese first began playing keno in the 1800s using 80 Chinese characters. When the first keno-type games came to the U.S., the Chinese characters were replaced by numerals and we often also accompanied by the name of a racehorse, leading to it being called racehorse keno. Although the game is no longer linked to horse races, there are still remnants of the name in the game. Read more [...]
Nov 22

What is Roulette Bot Plus? Does Roulette Bot Plus Really Work?

Roulette Bot Plus advertises itself as the first fully automated software that acts on your behalf during online Roulette games. The software uses Algo-Analysis Technology™ to analyze your game and automatically bet for you. The software allows you to choose from two different settings: The default setting has a number of preset playing patters, including 1 to 18, 19 to 36; even or odd; red or black; first, second, and third row; first, second and third twelve. Along with this, the software Read more [...]
Nov 20

What Is an Online Casino Blacklist? How Do Casino Blacklists Work?

As with almost any industry that exists online, there are a few companies that end up being bad apples. Unfortunately, online casinos are no exception. With thousands of online casinos and sports betting websites available for your gambling pleasure, there are endless options for you to win a fortune, but you could end up losing just as much to a rogue website. There are a number of different ways casinos can end up on blacklisted pages, and along with this, there are a few different levels Read more [...]
Oct 03

What Is Your Favorite Slot Game?

QUESTION: What Is Your Favorite Slot Game? ANSWER: I’m happy to stand around for a few minutes and rattle off a list of the slots that I play most frequently. By the time I’ve finished, I’m confident that the individual is armed with a whole new selection of games to experiment with. In recent months, however, I’ve grown tired of people accosting me on the street with questions about my favorite slots. Some folks want to argue with me about my selections, while others are just plain Read more [...]
Oct 02

Is There Such a Thing as Free Casino Cash?

QUESTION: “Is there such a thing as free casino cash?” ANSWER: I get asked this question a lot, and it’s almost always posed by rookie gamblers who are wide-eyed at the prospect of getting free cash to fund their gaming career. Unfortunately, the truth of the matter can be sobering. The short answer to the question is “No, there’s no such thing as free casino cash.” I understand, however, that a significant number of my readers may not be content with such as abbreviated response, Read more [...]