Oct 07

Does Paying for Sports Picks Work?

QUESTION: Does Paying for Sports Picks Work? ANSWER: If a friend asks “Does paying for sports picks work,” you can bet that they’re considering using a tout service. Available online, over the phone and via mail, these services recommend wagers on upcoming sporting events in exchange for a fee. It’s a simple business model that’s resulted in big profits for a number of shrewd businessmen, but is it worth the customer’s time and effort? How Does a Tout Service Work? Over 1,500 Read more [...]
Oct 01

Is Gambling a Normal Part of a Mid-Life Crisis?

QUESTION: Is Gambling a Normal Part of a Mid-Life Crisis? ANSWER: The term “mid-life crisis” refers to a time in a person’s life—usually from 40 to 60--when they start to dwell on their mortality and become dissatisfied with their past achievements. This can lead to substantial alterations in one's day-to-day existence, including changing careers, ending their marriage, or even getting plastic surgery to look younger. But not all actions taken by middle-aged individuals are as radical Read more [...]
Jul 28

How Sports Betting Works

What Is Sports Betting? Sports betting creates a venue to predict the outcome of a game and place a wager. Betting enhances life for sport enthusiasts by allowing them to win money. The variety of betting styles makes it more than just a simple game of wagering, however. How Does Straight Betting Works? A straight bet involves a spread. The spread provides one side with a handicap while it favors the other. The goal is to encourage betting on the underdog. The spread gives points to the team less Read more [...]
Jul 26

How Does Probability Work?

The area of mathematics dealing with the chance of certain outcomes is known as probability theory. Probability is the likelihood of a given event occurring. With gambling, probability is simply the possible ways of winning divided by the total possible outcomes. How Does Probability Work? To understand probability, a simple example can be used. Consider a coin where one side is heads and the other side is tails. If the coin is flipped, then the two possible outcomes are that the coin will land Read more [...]
Jul 26

What Is Money Management?

Many bettors refer to money management as the most important thing that separates the winners from the losers. A winning bettor can still go broke if they cannot practice effective money management. Money management is just what it sounds like. It is the way a bettor manages the money available in his bankroll. Proper money management will help gamblers ride out the inevitable bad streaks. These bad streaks, as well as winning streaks, are known as variance. Variance is basically the short-term Read more [...]