Jul 25

What Are Betting Systems?

Gamblers are always looking for that little edge that will give them an advantage when they place a bet. Maybe it's a hot tip on a horse. Maybe it is getting better odds than the risk should justify. Veteran gamblers often place their wagers based on betting systems. How Does a Betting System Work? A betting system works by setting rules, defining parameters and helping users of the system win more often. Some systems are quite detailed and elaborate. Other systems are little more than common Read more [...]
Jul 24

What Are Sports Picks? How Do They Work?

Sports picks are betting tips given to amateur sports bettors by professional sports handicappers. These sports picks are used by bettors to try and make money betting on sporting events. They are a bad idea for the most part, but they can be useful in certain situations. How Do Sports Picks Work? The vast majority of amateur sports bettors are losers. Roughly 90% of the people that bet on sports lose money over the long run. This is why bookies and sportsbooks can rake in the dough, because the Read more [...]