Jul 24

What Is Draw Poker?

Draw poker is the first poker game most people learn to play. Four to eight players receive five cards. Each player will discard and draw cards to create their best hand. Players bet on their initial hand, draw cards and bet on their final hand. This is not the only way to play draw poker. Veteran poker players have learned that there are more complicated ways to play the game. What are the various ways to play draw poker? Draw poker can be played in as many ways as ther are imaginations. Read more [...]
Jul 24

What Is Omaha Poker?

Omaha poker is one of the many types of community poker games that people can play. While games like 5 card stud give you all the cards you need right in your own hand, community games like Omaha poker require you to use the cards that are placed facing up on the table to make the best hand possible. Texas hold 'em poker is the same way; the only real difference is in the number of cards you are dealt. How Does Omaha Poker Work? Omaha poker is played by anywhere from two to nine players. Each Read more [...]
Jul 24

How Does Caribbean Holdem Work?

What Is Caribbean Holdem? If you've ever tuned into a poker show on TV, you know what Texas holdem poker is like. But another variant, known as Caribbean Holdem, is increasing in popularity in casinos and online. Invented by poker expert Stephen Au-Yeung, Caribbean Holdem preserves the excitement of poker but is faster-moving and less mentally demanding than Texas holdem. How Does Caribbean Holdem Work? Caribbean Holdem is meant to be played in a casino, so it's also known as Casino Holdem. Read more [...]
Jul 24

What Is Sic Bo and How Does Sic Bo Work?

Sic Bo is a Chinese game that is played with three dice. It is a game of chance, albeit with unequal odds. Sic Bo is also a popular casino game in Asia but has made its way to American casinos. The game is played on a table and the dealer rolls three dice. Sic Bo is similar to the casino game Roulette. How Does Sic Bo Work? Players do not need to know any specific strategies when playing Sic Bo. Each player places a bet on the Sic Bo table. The dealer rolls the dice to see if there is a match. Read more [...]
Jul 22

What Is Pai Gow Poker?

Pai Gow poker is a card game that was created in the 1980s by former casino manager and games inventor Fred Wolf. The game is loosely based on a Chinese game of that same name which is played using a set of dominoes. Pai Gow poker utilizes a standard 52-card deck of playing cards with one joker added, for a total of 53 cards. How Does Pai Gow Poker Work? The playing area for the game is set at a table for six players plus the dealer. Each hand is a one-on-one contest between the player and the Read more [...]